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Japanese Shinto War Memmorial
Located at Yemburwo Village, Numfor Island.




Sorendiweri Bay
Sorendiweri it`s cames from the word "Soren" and "Weri. Soren means "deep sea" and Weri means "upstream". This bay gives out to beautiful panoramic view of he surrounding with mangrove. It`s located at North Supiori, Just three and half ours by car fron Biak town.



Parai Beach
Apart of from fantastic panorama, this beach has an important historical background. Between 1919 and 1945 the Japanese landed their ships here, and during the Second World War, It was used as the Japanese Military Base. With the shinning sand and clear water, this beach is a perfect place both for recreation and for taking fresh sea air. Parai Village is located in Biak town and can be accesible by car or motorbike.






OrchidGarden                               Situated on a hill. with an attitude of approxiamately 25 m from sea level, in the village of Sumberker. This garden has a great collection of various species of Irianese orchids. Beside the enjoying the beauty of the the ordchids, we can also overlook the island nearly the with their beauty. The garden can be reached by motorbike or car, within 15 minuetes.

                                                                                      Wapsdori Waterfall
Waspdori waterfall is 12 high and clear water. A stuning waterfall in Western Biak , 45 kms distance or one and half hours to reached from Biak town 



Padaido Island
Padaido is a group of Islands consisting of 30 islands streching out in the Eastern part of Biak. It used to be called Schoutern island, the name of discoverer William Schouter , the commander of Dutch Sailor in 1602. Padaido is an incomparable chain of emeralds with sparkling beauty, One can enjoy sparkling beauty of the beaches or can dive to observ it`s breath taking colourful underwater garden. From Biak , a trip to Padaido takes three hours by motorboat`s.







It`s a beutiful with a small lake, very cool, such a nice place for swimming and relaxing. Located 50 kms from Biak town or one and half hours by taxi

Native graves of Padwa
A place you will see skuls and bones of local tribes ancentor.







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