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Anggaduber Beach

A beautiful white sandy beach and very interesting for sea recreation, located at East Biak, 32 km distance by motorbike or car.

Asaibori Beach

A beautiful long white sandy beach. It`s sandy offers sea recreation such as swimming, diving, and sun bathing. Located not far from Yemanu Village at Numfor.

Birds Garden

This is actually a convervation area with a great variety of birds such as bird of paradise, parrot, "mambruk". Which area easily found almmmost every where in Irian Jaya. It is located in the village of Rim, distric of East Biak and is accessible within thirty minuetes by motorbike or car.

Bosnik Beach

Located at East Biak , 11 km distance by car from Biak town. It used as beaching activieties and good sea view at Owi group island just in the front of the beach.

Blue Water Pond

A natural pond inside a cave with crystal clear water in a cool blue. There are so beautiful stalagties and stalagmites decorated the walls inside the cave. This Pond located on the road of town to Bosnik; 9 km distance by motorbike or car from Biak town.

Cendrawasih Museum

The building is in Biak traditional architecture design, called Rumsram. Located at Sisingamangaraja street , about 10 minuetes from bus station can reached by Public transport or own foot.The museum has many objects of the Second World War Two.

Insrom Village

Here is a place where you can find the native craftsman, he craves drums, canoes, ancentral pigures and panels, all featuring ancient motifs and design. It is located 15 minuetes by motorbike or public transport from Biak town.

Infendy Beach

Beside it`s sparkling sand, the water is so clear that make it suitable beach, which it reachable within 15 minuetes by motor bike or public transport.

Japanese Cave

The local people called " Abyau Binsar". Abyau means Cave and Binsar means Grandmother. As well known Japanese cave, because at the time the Japanese Army used it as a hide out and logistic center. About 3000 Japanese soldiers are believed to have die inside. this place you can find many kinds of guns and war machines which were used dring the Pacific War at mini museum.


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