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Getting There

While the government of Indonesia is trying to promote its eastern regions, there are still problems with booking a plane reservation and having the flight actually leave on the day it is supposed to go (let alone the hour). A flight we were supposed to take out of Biak was cancelled as the aviation fuel had run out. That said, several other flights we took out of Biak left as planned, even if somewhat late. Air fares might well change in the near future, but the last time we checked, the one-way fare to Biak from Jakarta (via Ambon and Ujung Pandang) was US$310 while from Denpasar, Bali, it was $240. From Manado, it was $145 but perhaps not as reliable as the Jakarta and Bali flights.


What you are waiting again ? Come and  feel the peacefully place in the West Papua. Well if you have an interesting to go to Biak Island, you can reached by flight and ship. Merpati Nusantara or Garuda the airplane that you can used. Or try the other way to Biak by shipping with capacity 1000 passangger.


*Garuda Indonesia Airways.                                               Route : Java - Denpasar - Timika - Biak or Jayapura.             Divided for two classes : Businesses & Economy                More Info Garuda Airlines


*Merpati Airways                                                              Java - Makassar - Ambon - Sorong - Biak                  divided for two classes :Businesses & Economy                  More Info Merpati Airlines                


*National Shipping Lines.                                            Using the shipping is more cheap then using the plane.  But shipping  needs longer time aproxiamily 5 days or more. The passangger divided as : 1st class,2nd class,3th class and economy class. The ships going to Biak Island are :

Dobonsolo :Jakarta - Surabaya - Denpasar - Kupang - Ambon - Sorong - BIAK

Ciremai : -








Arumbai Hotel .
Jl. Selat Makassar no 24
Phone +62 981 21835
fax +62 981 22501
Biak, West Papua

Titawaka Home
Jl Selat Makassar no 24
Fax +62 981 22372
PoBox 536
Biak,  West Papua


 Hotel Irian
Jl Muhammad Yamin
Phone +62 981 21939
Fax +62 981 21458
PoBox 137
Biak, West Papua

Sinar Kayu
Jl Sisingamangaraja
Phone +62 981 22137
Biak, West Papua

Losmen Solo
Jl Wolter Mongonsidi
Phone +62 981 21397                                                    Biak, West Papua

Basanna Inn
Jl Imam Bonjol
Biak, West Papua


Losmen Maju
Jl Imam Bonjol 45
Phone +62 981 21841
Biak, West Papua

Hotel Mapia
Jl Ahmad Yani
Phone +62 981 21383                                                            Biak, West Papua




The Restaurant in Biak serve basic Indonesian and Chinese dishes. All quite tasty and moderately priced.


Asia Reastaurant
Jl Sudirman
Biak, West Papua
Cleopatra Restaurant
Jl Jendral Sudirman
Biak, West Papua


Jakarta Restaurant
Jl Imam Bonjol 58
Phone +62 981 21969
Biak, West Papua
Himalaya Restaurant
Jl Jendral Sudirman
Biak, West Papua


Minang Jaya
Jl Ahmad Yani
Phone +62 981 21591
Biak, West Papua
Jl Jendral Sudirman
Biak, West Papua


Restaurant 99
Jl Imam Bonjol
Biak, West Papua
New Garden Restaurant
Jl Imam Bonjol 12
Phone +62 981 21972
Biak, West Papua


Tour and Travel


P.T Titawaka Indah Tour and Travel
Jl Wolter Mongonsidi
Phone +62 981 21794
Fax +62 981 22372
PoBox 127
Biak, West Papua
Sentosa Tosiga
Jl Ahmad Yani 36
Phone +62 981 21398
Biak, West Papua




Rumah Sakit Umum ( General Hospital )
Jl Sriwijaya
Phone +62 981 21294
Biak, West Papua
Book Store
Pojok Buku
Jl Ahmad Yani
Phone +62 0981 21498
Biak, West Papua
Main Post Office
Jl Ahmad Yani                                                                 Biak, West Papua
Pharmacies                                                                   Apotik Cendrawasih
Jl Imom Bonjol 34


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